Based on an idea and with the participation of Renzo Piano.
Milan, today more than ever before, recognises its entire energy in its Politecnico.
The city sees in the Politecnico a decisive partner on the three key factors that guide
the development of the city from now until 2030: urban planning development,
infrastructures and mobility, environment and green.
Beppe Sala - Mayor of the Municipality of Milan
The project, in the wake of the positive urban, economic and social transformation Milan is currently undergoing, reflects the Politecnico's vision of a university strongly linked to the territory, in perfect symbiosis with the city it fits into. Many are the positive examples of proactive cooperation between the University and the city of Milan.

Hereunder we set out the real time updates of the specific project on the Architecture campus and some of the several initiatives witnessing the active Politecnico-Milan collaboration.

Il video del progetto

Un video per festeggiare gli obiettivi raggiunti grazie al supporto di Alumni e Milanesi, e per ripercorrere la storia del progetto: dalla nascita dei bozzetti di Renzo Piano ad oggi.

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News Politecnico

The Politecnico for Milan

The Mayor Sala: “The Politecnico increases Milan's attractiveness for the youth”, “The Politecnico is a large institution for a large City”, “The Politecnico helps to enlarge the city, invests in its historical site and in Bovisa”.

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